Mattress Mack Goes All Out For Houston Astros With A $4M Bet

Sports Betting Louisiana » Mattress Mack Goes All Out For Houston Astros With A $4M Bet

The well-known sports betting fan Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is doing some pretty outrageous bets on the Houston Astros winning the World Series this year. Last week, the owner of Gallery Furniture put up a massive $2 million on the team to take home the championship trophy in October 2022. That’s a lot of money riding on the Astros!

Mattress Mack Rooting For Astros

McIngvale is a businessman from Houston who is known in the community as “Mattress Mack” for owning multiple furniture stores. He founded Gallery furniture in 1981 and since that day, it grows substantially until being the largest furniture store in Houston while having a net worth of $300M.

Over the past few years, Mattress Mack has run a special promotion at his stores where you can win back the cost of your furniture if you spend at least $3,000 and the Astros win the MLB. This promotion has been successful in driving sales and generating goodwill among Astros fans.

Mattress Mack bet on two different wagers for a total of $4 million at +500 odds. This means that the 71-year-old multi-millionaire will bank a total of $10 million if the Astros win the championship this October.

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Going on the Other States Where Sports Betting is Legal

Due to the current situation in Texas where sports betting and online gambling are illegal, McIngvale flies to different states in order to bet legally. His first destination was the BetMGM-owned Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas where he placed four single bets consisting of $500K each bet.

In order to access his FanDuel account, McIngvale goes to Iowa to bet another $2 million for the Astros. What’s more surprising is that he made the two different bets within 48 hours.

Aside from that $4 million bet last week, McIngvale has already made a $4 million bet on May. It consists of a $1 million bet at +1200 and a $3 million bet at +1000.

To sum it up, he already bet 3 different states – Louisiana, Las Vegas, and Iowa for a total of $8 million, and he would get a massive $72 million in winnings if the Astros take home the MLB trophy.