NCAAF Betting Louisiana Explained: The Basics 

Sports Betting Louisiana » NCAAF Betting Louisiana Explained: The Basics 

With hundreds of teams and thousands of games across the country, college football is one of the biggest sporting institutions not just in America, but in the world. You’ll find NFL-caliber teams alongside upstart rookies, all of which are vying for a shot at the big time. If you’re in Louisiana, read on to find out what you need to know about betting on NCAAF games online.

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We’ve scoured the internet to find you the Louisiana sportsbooks that offer the full selection of NCAAF betting markets and odds. According to our expert criteria, these are the best NCAAF betting websites right now.

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NCAAF Betting Options and Odds 

NCAAF Betting Options?

When taking only Division I NCAAF into account, you already have 130 teams spread out across 10 regional conferences. This means that any college football fan is truly spoilt for choice when it comes to wagering, with dozens of games per week during the September-January season, capped off with more than 40 Bowl games at the end. Then there are the pre-seasons, historic rivalry games, and prestige cup games throughout the year.  


NCAAF odds are written in the same way as standard American football odds, with a points spread and a moneyline to even out the playing field. However, the major difference is that the points spread in NCAAF games are usually much larger than in the NFL. For example: 

Ohio State: -40.5
LSU Tigers: +40.5

In this scenario, Ohio is the heavy favorite to win, while LSU is the underdog. In order for your bet on Ohio to pay off, they would need to win by at least 41 points. Meanwhile, a bet on LSU will pay off, as long as they lose by less than 41 points. This is because skills mismatches are often vast in college football, meaning that the bookmakers need to make the betting a bit fairer.

NCAAF Special Bets?

Much like in the NFL, you’ll find a ton of special bets across every NCAAF game. You can put on a Parlay and wager on multiple successive outcomes across a conference. You could place a futures bet on the overall winner of the Playoff National Championship. The list goes on.

Bet on NCAAF

College Football is a massively popular betting sport. Many people around the country watch the sport religiously on Saturdays in the fall and wagering on games can make the experience that much sweeter. To help with betting on the sport we’ve created this brief NCAAF betting guide.

Moneyline – Bet on which team you think is going to win the game. If you’re taking an underdog you can expect great odds, as there tends to be plenty of mismatches in the sport.

Points Spread – Because of the large points spreads in college football, this is an even more popular form of betting. If Alabama is playing an FCS opponent you may see a spread of 50 points or more. If you take Alabama in the spread you will need them to win by more than the designated number. If you take their opponent you would need them to not lose by more than the designated number that’s given on the spread.

Same Game Parlay – Allows you to make two or more bets in the same game. You could take Ohio St to cover a -27 point spread over Iowa and also take the over of 64 points in the same game. In this case you would need both the outcomes to hit in order for your bet to win. This type of betting helps to strengthen your odds, thus creating higher payouts.