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Nowadays, online sportsbooks offer different kinds of bonuses to attract new customers and keep existing ones. If you are new to the world of online sports betting, you may be wondering what these bonuses are and how they work. Essentially, a sportsbook bonus is a promotional offer that gives bettors extra funds to use on their betting accounts. 

Bookmakers are always coming up with new ways to attract customers, so it’s worth shopping around for the best deals. And be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before claiming any bonuses as bookmakers can be strict when it comes to wagering requirements and other restrictions.

Best Bonuses for Louisiana Bettors

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Common Sportsbook Bonuses For New Players

Welcome Bonus: A Great Way to Start

A welcome bonus is a common bonus offered by sportsbooks to new players. The bonus is usually a percentage of the deposit amount, up to a maximum amount, but it can also be an automatic bonus as a new player registers.

Deposit match bonuses are the common type of welcome bonuses that online sportsbooks offer. For example, a sportsbook may offer a 100% welcome bonus, up to $500. This means that if you deposit $500, you will receive a $500 bonus. 

Welcome bonuses are usually subject to wagering requirements, which means that you must bet a certain amount before you can withdraw the bonus money. However, they can still be a great way to boost your bankroll and give you a better chance of winning.

All the sportsbooks in Louisiana like Fanduel and DraftKings offer some variation of welcome offer to their new customers.

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No Deposit Bonus: Try Before You Buy

A No Deposit Bonus is a sportsbook bonus that requires no deposit to be made. It is also a popular bonus offered to new players as it gives them a chance to try out the sportsbook without having to risk any of their own money. The bonus is usually in the form of free bets or credits, which can be used to place bets on a variety of sports. 

To withdraw any winnings made with the No Deposit Bonus, players will usually have to meet certain wagering requirements. However, the No Deposit Bonus is a great way for new players to get started with sports betting.

Risk-Free Bets: Play with Safety Net

A risk-free bet is a type of promotion offered by online sportsbooks and casinos as a way to attract new customers. The idea is simple: you sign up for an account and make a deposit, and the sportsbook will match your deposit with a free bet up to a certain amount. 

For example, if you deposit $100 and the sportsbook offers a 100% risk-free bet, you’ll be able to place a $100 bet without having to worry about losing any money. 

Of course, there are always terms and conditions that apply, so it’s important to read the fine print before taking advantage of any risk-free bet offers. 

Free Bets

A free bet is a bonus offer from a sportsbook that allows you to place a bet without putting any money down. The bet is usually for a specific amount, and if you win, you get to keep the winnings. However, if you lose, you don’t owe the sportsbook anything.

Free bets can be earned through promo codes are some events which are organized by sportsbooks. However, some sportsbooks just give free bets to active players at the time of the event.

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Bonuses for Regular Players at Sportsbooks

Retention Bonuses: Keep the Excitement Going

A retention bonus is a common sportsbook bonus offered to regular players to keep them betting with a particular bookie. The bonus is usually a percentage of the player’s total deposits over a set period and is typically released in installments as the player continues to bet. 

For example, a bookie may offer a 50% retention bonus on all deposits made over a month, with the bonus being released in $5 increments for every $20 wagered. Retention bonuses are an effective way for sportsbooks to keep their regular customers happy and can be worth thousands of dollars over a year.

Reload Bonus: Keep Your Account Active

A reload bonus is another sportsbook bonus offered to regular players to encourage them to continue betting with the bookmaker. The bonus is usually awarded as a percentage of the amount deposited, up to a maximum amount.

For example, a bookmaker may offer a 50% reload bonus of up to $500. This means that if you deposit $500 into your account, the bookmaker will award you an additional $250, giving you a total of $750 to bet with.

Referral Bonuses: Share the Thrill of Betting

A referral bonus is a type of promotion offered by sportsbooks to encourage customers to refer their friends. Usually, the Referrer will receive a bonus (usually in the form of free bets) when their friend signs up and makes a deposit. The Friend will also usually receive a bonus, although it is often smaller than what the Referrer received. 

To be eligible for a referral bonus, both the Referrer and the Friend will usually have to meet certain conditions such as being residents of eligible countries and not having previously held an account with the sportsbook

Loyalty Bonuses: Rewards for Active Bettors

One type of bonus is the loyalty bonus, which is designed to reward customers for their continued patronage. In most cases, loyalty bonuses take the form of additional points or credits that can be used to place future bets. 

For example, an online sportsbook may offer a 10% loyalty bonus, which means that for every $100 bet, the customer would receive an additional 10 points. These points can then be redeemed for free bets, cash back, or other prizes. 

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Refunds vs Site Credits: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to online sports betting, there are two main ways that sites handle refunds. The first is through a refund, which gives you back the money you put into your bet. The second is through a site credit, which gives you an equivalent amount of credit that you can use on future bets. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Refunds are typically given when there is some sort of error on the part of the sportsbook. For example, if you place a bet on a game that is subsequently canceled, you will usually receive a refund, this may also be a certain promotion that the site will refund your bet if you lose. 

Site credits, on the other hand, are generally given when the outcome of a bet is not what you expected. For example, if you bet on a team that loses, you may be given a site credit that you can use to bet on another game.

Both refunds and site credits have their advantages and disadvantages. Refunds give you back your original investment, but they do not give you any chance to win more money. Site credits, on the other hand, allow you to win more money, but they do not give you back your original investment. Ultimately, it is up to each sportsbook to decide which option they prefer.

Explaining the Wagering/Play-through Requirement

The wagering/play through requirement in sportsbooks is the number of times that the player must wager the bonus amount before they can withdraw any winnings. This is a common condition that is placed on all bonuses and promotions. The wagering requirement will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but it is typically between 5x and 10x the bonus amount. 

For example, if you receive a $100 bonus with a 5x wagering requirement, you will need to bet a total of $500 before you can withdraw your winnings. While this may seem like a lot of money, it is important to remember that you will also be winning bets along the way. As long as you carefully manage your bankroll, meeting the wagering requirement should be relatively easy.

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Casino Bonuses: Take Advantage of Extra Opportunities to Win

Aside from sportsbooks, online casinos also offer competitive bonuses. Many online casinos also offer the same bonuses that are available in sportsbooks, except those which are directly related to sporting events.

These bonuses can help keep players in the game longer and increase their chances of coming out ahead. With so many options available, there’s no reason to miss out on the potential earnings from online casino gaming.

A Word of Caution: Bonuses Do Not Guarantee a Win

Sportsbook bonuses are a great way to get started in the world of online sports betting. After all, what could be better than getting free money to bet with? However, it’s important to remember that bonuses do not guarantee a win. Having free bets or earning reload bonuses is just the beginning of the wagering process. You still have to wager these amounts to generate winnings.

Additionally, the vast majority of sportsbooks require customers to wager a certain amount of money before they can withdraw any winnings. This means that, even if you’re lucky enough to win big using your bonus, you may not be able to keep all of your winnings. 

So, while sportsbook bonuses can be a great way to get started, it’s important to be cautious and understand the terms and conditions before you start betting.