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The Louisiana Lottery began in 1990 after a constitutional amendment authorized the state to run a lottery. The Louisiana Lottery Corporation commenced its operations in 1991 and has been funding public education in the Pelican State since July 2004 as a result of a constitutional amendment in 2003. 

In addition, the Louisiana Lottery has also helped to fund other important state projects, such as problem gambling programs.

The lottery offers various games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Pick 3, and Easy 5. The lottery is also responsible for scratch-off games and instant tickets. Continue reading to learn more about Louisiana’s Lottery games, events, retailers, and more.

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Louisiana Draw Games Available

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Louisiana State Draw Games


Lotto is the frontline of Louisiana state draw games as players can bet on six out of the 42 numbers for just $1 and win a minimum of $500,000 jackpot. There are also three other prize levels that bettors could win every Wednesday and Saturday night. The odds of winning the jackpot are about 1 in 5.2 million when playing the Lotto game.

Easy 5

When it comes to chances of winning, easy 5 will be the best as the odds were substantially lower than other draw-style games – just 1 in 435K. Players may take home a minimum of $50,000 jackpot when they guess the right Five-winning numbers drawn out of the 37 available. Draws also happen on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Pick 5

Players may have their own way while still having a chance to win $50,000. The Pick 5 state draw game allows players to have more choices and better odds of winning than other state lottery games. Straight, Box, Straight/Box, and Front/Back Pair bets may be played for as low as 50 cents. This game is drawn every day except on Christmas and Eastern Sundays.   

Pick 3 and Pick 4

This is similar to pick 5 but bettors will choose their desired three or four-digit number or let the computer provide a random number for a minimum of $0.50. Box, Straight, and Straight/Box are still available but Pick 3 has Combo bets which could lead to a $500 payout. However, these games do not have front/back options. 

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What Are Ticket Bundles?

Louisiana Lottery also has ticket bundle purchasing options called “Bunches of Fun” which allows players to acquire a set of draw-style game tickets in just one purchase. Here’s a summary:

$9 Buck BunchSingle-play ticket for every jackpot game$1 straight play for Pick 3$1 straight play for Pick 4$1 straight play for Pick 5
$5 Lotto BunchSingle-play Lotto ticketPowerball and Mega Millions ticket for $5
$5 Easy BunchSingle-play Easy 5 ticketPowerball and Mega Millions ticket for $5

Louisiana Multi-State Draw Games

Multi-state draw games are lottery games that are offered in multiple states. These games offer larger jackpots than many state-level games because they have a larger pool of players.  Louisiana offers a couple of multi-state draw games – Powerball and Mega Millions.


In 1995, Louisiana Lottery joined the Multi-State Lottery Association and launched Powerball as the first Multi-State lottery game in the state. The mechanics of the game are simple. There are white balls and a Powerball, players just have to predict 5 numbers from the white balls (1 to 69) and a single number as the Powerball (1 to 26). The bettor who picked all the numbers which came up in the draw will win the jackpot. 

There are also other prizes for those who did not pick the right combinations. The minimum jackpot prize for Powerball is $40 million while the largest jackpot recorded was almost $1.6 billion. Here’s the complete Powerball payout table:

5 + Powerball1 in 292,201,338Jackpot
51 in 11,688,054$1 million
4 + Powerball1 in 913,129$50,000
41 in 36,525$100
3 + Powerball1 in 14,494$100
31 in 580$7
2 + Powerball1 in 701$7
1 + Powerball1 in 92$4
Powerball1 in 38$4

While it is almost impossible to win, there have been 17 Louisiana Players who already won on Powerball since its inception. In October 2017, the largest recorded winnings in Louisiana Lottery history was bagged by an organization named 292 Family Partnership – a massive  $191.1 million jackpot. The overall chance of bagging something at Powerball was 1 in 24.9. 

Mega Millions

Louisiana Lottery started offering Mega Millions of tickets last 2012. Mega Millions’s mechanics are pretty similar to Powerball. The only difference is that Mega Millions have 70 white balls and the Powerball is only 1 to 25. Maga Millions has a minimum jackpot of $15 million while the largest jackpot recorded was $1.54 billion. Here’s the complete Mega Millions payout table:

5 + Mega Ball1 in 302,575,350Jackpot
51 in 12,607,306$1 million
4 + Mega Ball1 in 931,001$10,000
41 in 38,792$500
3 + Mega Ball1 in 14,547$200
31 in 606$10
2 + Mega Ball1 in 693$10
1 + Mega Ball1 in 89$4
Mega Ball1 in 37$2

Louisiana Fast Play Games Available

Louisiana Lottery has launched new “instant-win” fast play games. These instant ticket games are the perfect way to enjoy quick and easy fun as it doesn’t involve payslips or scratching. Players don’t even have to wait for scheduled drawings. Money Money Money was launched in June 2021 while In-Between started last August.

Money Money Money

Match symbols through horizontal spins to have appropriate combinations and win up to $500. So far, 14 players have already bagged the jackpot while thousands have won the other prizes. This fast-play game costs $1 per spin which gives you a 1 in 4.85 chance to win.  


Louisiana Lottery just launched this game yet thousands have already won. However, there’s still no one to bag the $1,000 jackpot. The numbers that you had should just be in between the numbers generated. You will get back your $1 if three numbers fall in between and it will increase accordingly as more numbers will be in between. 

Louisiana Scratch-Off Games

Scratch-off games are a type of lottery ticket where players scratch off layers to reveal information that determines if they have won a prize. The odds of winning are usually printed on the back of the ticket, and the amount of the prize may also be indicated. 

Numerous scratch-off games can be played which are divided based on the amount of bet per ticket. Players with a tight budget may try the games like Hit Fifty which offers the best odds (1:4.79) or Fast Bucks which offers the biggest jackpot among the $1 scratch-off games. 

Moreover, high-rollers may go for as high as $10 per ticket. Bettors may bag as much as $200,000 from games like Big Money, Diamond 10’s, or Blazing Suits. However, Bonus Money may be considered the best scratch-off game due to higher chances of winning with 1:3.17 overall odds. 

louisiana scratch-off games

Louisiana Lottery Events

Promotions and sponsoring community events are important events for the Louisiana Lottery Corporation. Louisiana Lottery Corporation strives to educate, inform and engage the citizens of Louisiana through its retailer promotions and sponsoring community events. 

Saints Tailgate Promotion features Louisiana’s Onsite Lottery Attraction (LOLA) this coming September 16, October 18, 30, and November 20 from 9 AM to 12 PM. It will be held between gates D and E, outside of Caesars Superdome.

The Corporation is also active in sponsoring different community events such as

  • Shrimp & Petroleum Festival in Morgan City last September 1-5.
  • Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office (TPSO) Mounted Division Rodeo on Sept. 23-24
  • Ouachita LIVE Concert Series on September 30

Lottery Retailers in Louisiana

Louisiana law requires that only licensed physical retail locations in the state of Louisiana can sell lottery products. In selecting retailers for licensing consideration, regulators evaluate financial responsibility, security, accessibility & more. Retailers’ Responsibilities together with Resources & Training materials are accessible through the Louisiana Lottery website.

Being a Lottery retailer builds an avenue for additional income through earning a 5% commission on ticket sales and a 1% bonus for selling the winning tickets. Retailers may also earn up to a 2% incentive as they cash up to  $600 in customers’ winnings.

Lottery retailers are diversified around Louisiana, especially in major cities, just as Baton Rouge and New Orleans with hundreds of retailers. Most of them are convenience stores, grocery chains, and gas stations.

Louisiana Lottery Mobile App

The Louisiana Lottery mobile app helps players to have faster purchasing transactions and monitoring. Despite being prohibited to purchase tickets online, players may use the app to provide virtual payslips which serve as digital copies of tickets that they will purchase in the future. Players will also see if they won by just scanning the barcode in the ticket.

The mobile app allows players to locate near retailers, join app-exclusive promotions, know the latest jackpots, and more. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Who Benefits from Louisiana Lottery? 

Louisiana Lottery has played a vital role in supporting public education in the state, specifically the K-12 program. The lottery was established in 1991 with the goal of generating additional revenue for the state’s schools.

Recently, the Louisiana Lottery reported its second-best fiscal year in terms of revenue with $581.3 million. This may be below the budget but it still contributed more than $191 million to K-12 public education in the Pelican State. 

The State also benefits as it acquired $4.3 billion out of the $12.2 billion total revenue generated by the Lottery since its commencement. 

Louisiana Lottery FAQ

Can I buy Lottery tickets through phone or by mail?

No. Louisiana Lottery tickets are required to be sold through licensed retailers.

How to claim a Louisiana Lottery prize?

Lottery prizes not more than $600 may be claimed by presenting the legitimate winning ticket on any of the participating Lottery retailers while prizes more than $600 should be claimed by visiting the Lottery office or by mail. You may visit the Prize Payment Options page of the Louisiana Lottery site for more information.

What will happen if I lose my winning lottery ticket?

You will lose the right to claim the winnings. This is why signing the back of the ticket as soon as you purchase was strongly recommended by the Louisiana Lottery. The corporation is not responsible for stolen or lost tickets.  

Can I convert the Free scratch-off ticket to cash?

No. Free scratch-off tickets won should only be claimed by betting on any active game through a legit Lottery retail location and the ticket should have an equivalent price as your Free ticket.

What will the Louisiana Lottery do to unclaimed prizes?

Unclaimed prizes will be rewarded to bettors through promotions and even increase payouts.