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Soccer was once considered a European game, with the US barely getting a look-in. However, all of that has changed in recent years, with US soccer teams storming to the top of the international league tables and capturing the hearts and minds of fans the world over.

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll want to know how you can bet on the MLS from Louisiana. Read on to find out. 

Louisiana Online Sportsbooks for MLS Betting

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We’ve tapped into the expertise of iGaming and sports betting experts to find out exactly what the very best sportsbooks in Louisiana right now are. Here’s what they found.

Bet on MLS: A Guide to Soccer Betting in Major League Soccer

The MLS continues to expand, with Charlotte FC being the most recent addition in 2022, bringing the total number of teams in the league to 28. The MLS should continue to expand, with 2 more teams expected to be added at a later date. To help you learn more about betting on the sport, we’ve put together this helpful MLS betting guide.

Futures Betting – Placing a bet on a team that you think is going to win their conference or the MLS Cup.

First Goalscorer – This is a prop bet where you predict which player will score the first goal in a game. In this case you’re not betting on a team, you’re just betting on a specific player. It’s definitely a high payout bet, especially if you choose someone that’s not the leading goal scorer on their respective team. Keep in mind that if there are no goals in the game you still lose the bet.

Same Game Parlay – A great betting option for someone looking for an odds boost. This betting method allows you to predict multiple outcomes during a single game. An example would be betting on the Philadelphia Union to win, over 7 corners, and for the opposing team to be shown a red card.

Get in on the Action with MLS Betting Options and Odds

MLS Betting Options

For MLS fans, the MLS Cup is the main game in town and the premier domestic championship. However, there are a ton of options for Lousiana betting fans to engage with American soccer throughout the calendar year. You can bet on the pre-season games and the inter-conference friendlies, as well as the playoffs and the postseason eliminations, to name a few. 

MLS Odds

It’s important to remember that MLS soccer betting is not the same as betting on, for example, the English Premier League. In keeping with American betting traditions, MLS odds will usually have a moneyline and a points spread to even out the risk and encourage people to bet on the underdog. Typical MLS odds might look like this: 

NY Red Bulls: -120
LA FC: +220

Here, the New York Red Bulls are the favorite to win, meaning you would have to bet $120 to win $100. Since Los Angeles Football Club are the underdogs, you stand to win $220 on a $100 bet. These more advantageous odds are meant to incentivize more people to bet on the underdog, to even things out a bit.

MLS Special Bets

Of course, moneyline bets are only one type of MLS wager you can make. With the best MLS betting Louisiana sportsbooks, you can make a range of bets. There are props bets such as the number of corner kicks or yellow cards, parlay bets on multiple successful match outcomes, and even future bets on markets such as the MVP season winner. The choice is yours.