NBA Preview: New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles Lakers

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Brandon Ingram and the New Orleans Pelicans (4-2) will visit LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers (1-5) at Arena tomorrow.

The Pelicans are currently sitting at the eighth spot in the loaded western conference after their huge 112-91 victory win against the LA Clippers (3-4) last Sunday, while the Lakers secure their first win of the season after beating the Denver Nuggets (4-3), 121-110.

While both teams are coming to this game with a win. This seems to be a much-needed game for the Lakers as they try to build momentum. On the other hand, the Pelicans are looking much better after Zion Williamson. Having him and Brandon Ingram looks to be a challenging matchup for Lebron James and Anthony Davis in the frontcourt.

Can the Lakers keep it going? Or Will the Pelicans defeat two LA teams in just a span of four days?

Pelicans vs Lakers Odds

Odds Via FanDuelPelicans Lakers
Point Spread-3 (-110)+3 (-110)
Money Line-148+126
TotalsO 229.5 (-110)U 229.5 (-110)
Winning at the End of Every Quarter
PelicansAny Other ResultNets

Note: “Winning at the End of Every Quarter” bets means that the team you pick should be ahead every end the quarter. If neither team does, the bets for “Any Other Result” wins.

Odds Via DraftKingsPelicans Lakers
Point Spread-3 (-110)+3 (-110)
Money Line-150+130
TotalsO 229.5 (-110)U 229.5 (-110)
Player Props (Points)
Zion Williamson O 24.5 (-125)U 24.5 (-105)
CJ McCollum O 22.5 (-110)U 22.5 (-120)

Note: NBA odds may change based on recent updates. Visit online sportsbooks for a full list of betting markets.

Can the Pelicans Maintain Their Spot?

The NBA, specifically the western conference was not in a situation that most of the fans expect as the Pelicans (4-2), together with Utah Jazz (6-2) and San Antonio Spurs (5-2) are sitting at the 3rd to 5th spot in a Conference where the loaded rosters of Minnesota Timber Wolves (4-4), Dallas Mavericks (3-3), Golden State Warriors (3-5) and the Los Angeles Clippers are present.

The Pelicans will head again to Los Angeles, but this time, to face the Lakers who just taste their first victory for the 2022-2023 NBA season. While it is too early to say, the Pelicans are looking to be a playoff-caliber team when all of the pieces are complete. They’ve already done so when they survived the Play-in tournament last year and reach game 6 against the suns, even without Williamson around.

The Pelicans are currently First in the league in terms of points per game with 118.5 and 7th in assists per meeting with an average of 27.7 per game. However, their rebounding is not that impactful as they are only 15th in the league with 44.7 per game.

On the other hand, the Lakers struggled to find the plays they need in their first five games but finally managed to get win number one behind Antony Davis’ 23 points 15 rebounds, and +15 in +/-. The Lakers would need more of that Davis as they battle to climb the Western Conference.

Moreover, with Russel Westbrook showing improvement even while coming off the bench, and some missing players in the Pelicans, the Lakers might keep it going. They are still in the 14th spot in the West, but players, coaches, and even the fans still know that LeBron James is someone who should be taken lightly as he has proven that playing against all odds does not meet an automatic defeat.