New Orleans Pelicans Struggle to Stay Consistent and Healthy

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The New Orleans Pelicans’ situation is undoubtedly frustrating for fans and bettors. The team has shown flashes of brilliance, but they have yet to put it all together consistently. This unpredictability can make betting on the New Orleans Pelicans a difficult proposition. 

On one hand, they have a talented roster with the potential to win games. On the other hand, their inconsistency makes it hard to know which version of the team will show up on any given night.

Pels Must Show Up, even Without Zion

The New Orleans Pelicans have a roster full of talented players. However, they’ve struggled to put everything together without their star player, Zion Williamson

Ingram and McCollum have proven to be excellent second and third options. Jonas Valanciunas is a force under the basket. Yet, Williamson’s absence has made it challenging to create a cohesive and successful team.

One bright spot for the Pelicans has been Trey Murphy, who has impressed with his elite movement shooting and long-range capabilities. His ability to attack off the closeout has also added another layer to his game. 

Herb Jones has also been a valuable asset on defense, with his wide reach and cutting instincts. Jose Alvarado has been a standout super-pest, always looking to get to the paint, while Naji Marshall has proven to be a versatile two-way wing.

Larry Nance’s switchability at the center has been critical to the team’s improved defense. Meanwhile, first-year point guard Dyson Daniels has shown his defensive and playmaking abilities. 

Despite the team’s potential, it’s hard to ignore Williamson’s injury history, missing significant time in three out of his first four seasons due to lower-body injuries. Williamson’s injuries have affected his conditioning and ability to maintain his form while sidelined, making it challenging for him to get back into game shape upon returning.

Ingram also struggled with injuries, missing an average of 23 games per season since his sophomore campaign. But the team’s future success will ultimately depend on Williamson’s ability to stay healthy. 

Betting on the New Orleans Pelicans

When betting on the Pelicans, it’s important to keep in mind the team’s tendency to play up or down to their competition. They have pulled off impressive wins, but they have also lost games to weaker opponents. This makes it important to carefully analyze the matchup and consider factors such as injuries, recent form, and head-to-head records.

They are currently 31-33 with less than a quarter of the season left. Not as promising as the early season expectation but the Pels can still turn it around. Here are the updated odds from Louisiana online sportsbooks:

BetsOdds from Louisiana Sportsbooks
Winning the NBA Title+13000
Winning in the Western Conference+5500
Winning the NBA South West Division+6000
Make it on the Playoffs+115
Not Make it on the Playoffs-140

Another factor to consider when betting on the Pelicans is their reliance on star player Zion Williamson. He has shown incredible talent and potential, but the team’s success often hinges on his performance. If he has an off night, the team may struggle to pick up the slack.

The Pelicans’ inconsistent play means that betting on them requires careful analysis. While the team’s potential is promising, their inconsistency makes them a risky proposition when betting on NBA games.