NBA Preview: Pelicans-Jazz Third Meeting

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The New Orleans Pelicans had their seven-game win streak snapped in a disappointing loss to the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night as part of the NBA’s miniseries that was added this season. Wednesday night served as a reminder that the Jazz is still a top-tier team and will undoubtedly take confidence away from such an impressive victory.

Fortunately for the Pelicans, they can still salvage this series if they manage to top Utah on Thursday and show that Tuesday was simply an off day. Not only would it prove that their recent success wasn’t a fluke, but would also give them momentum heading into their next game against another tough opponent.

Pelicans vs. Jazz Odds/Game Lines

Odds Via BetMGMNO PelicansUTA Jazz
Point Spread-1.5 (-110)+1.5 (-110)
Money Line-120+100
TotalO 231.5 (-110)U 231.5 (-110)
Three-Way (Regular Time Only)
Odds Via DraftKingsNO PelicansUTA Jazz
Point Spread-1.5 (-110)+1.5 (-110)
Money Line-125+105
TotalO 231.5 (-110)U 231.5 (-110)
Zion Williamson Props
PointsO 27.5 (-115)U 27.5 (-115)
ReboundsO 7.5 (-125)U 7.5 (-105)
AssistO 4.5 (-145)U 4.5 (-125)

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Pelicans vs Jazz Preview

Spark Beyond the Arc

Tuesday night saw the Jazz witness an astonishing defensive performance against the Pelicans, holding them to a meager 4 made shots from the 3-point line. However, a close examination of that statistic reveals something more nuanced hidden behind what may have appeared to be a great defensive effort by Utah. The Pelicans were missing so many shots that one might be misguided into thinking the Utah team was doing a passionate job of denying them open looks.

Although they had certainly put in their effort in terms of closing out and getting back on defense, luck may have played a larger role in the Pelicans’ struggles; their shooting seemed off throughout the game and when watching each attempt it feels like this outcome will be difficult for them to repeat any time soon.

Jazz Starters are Back

When Mike Conley, Lauri Markkanen, and Jordan Clarkson all returned to the Jazz lineup for the first time since Nov. 19, it was clear that things were going to be different. Despite not having any marquee NBA stars on the roster, the Jazz had managed to get off to an impressive 10-3 start to the season with their solid team play. The return of these three players meant the passion and energy with which they had started was still present and that they now have more strength in depth. 

The success of this team lies in how well their parts work together as a unit. With even one part missing, as was evident when Conley returned after missing several weeks of action due to injury, there can be an imbalance in everything else. However, when each individual piece is accounted for in its intended spot and purpose within the larger puzzle, it just seems like things click into place and you can see why they’ve been so successful this season.