NBA Preview: Milwaukee Bucks at New Orleans Pelicans

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The New Orleans Pelicans (18-11), who are riding on a seven-game winning streak at home, will be hosting the Milwaukee Bucks (21-8) tomorrow. Despite a strong back-to-back showing against the Phoenix Suns (18-12), the Pelicans’ road form has been faltering as they have lost their latest three games away from New Orleans.

On the other hand, The Bucks pose a tough challenge as they also have their own 7 wins in a row at home after dominating the Utah Jazz (17-15) yesterday,123-97. However, they will not play in their territory tomorrow.

It looks like we can expect a thrilling encounter between two strong teams from East and West. Who will the Pels defend the Smoothie King Center again?

Suns vs. Pelicans Odds/Game Lines

Odds Via FanDuel Louisiana SportsbookMIL BucksNO Pelicans
Point Spread-1 (-110)+1 (-110)
Money Line-116-102
TotalO 224.5 (-110)U 224.5 (-110)
Winning at the End of Every Quarter
SunsAny Other ResultPelicans

Note: “Winning at the End of Every Quarter” bets means that the team you choose should be ahead every end the quarter. If neither team does, the bets for “Any Other Result” wins.

Odds Via DraftKings Louisiana SportsbookMIL BucksNO Pelicans
Point Spread-1 (-110)+1 (-110)
Money Line-115-105
TotalO 225.5 (-110)U 225.5 (-110)
Player Props (Points)
Zion WilliamsonO 25.5 (-115)U 25.5 (-115)
Giannis AntetokounmpoO 31.5 (-105)U 31.5 (-125)
Player Rebounds
Zion WilliamsonO 7.5 (-130)U 7.5 (+100)
Giannis AntetokounmpoO 10.5 (-135)U 10.5 (+105)

NBA odds may change based on the latest news and other updates. Visit online sportsbooks in Louisiana for a full list of betting markets.

Battle of Strength: Bucks Meet Pels

The last 10 games have been a rollercoaster for the Pelicans and the Bucks, each having seven wins and three losses. Both teams have been very prolific with scoring, averaging above 112 points per game.

Surprisingly, the Pelicans have outperformed their opponents on average by almost five points, while the Bucks are only edging out theirs by two and a half points per game. Rebounds appear to be an area of great strength for both sides as well, with the Pelicans’ average of 45.5 being even higher than that of the Bucks’ 48.7 rebounds per game.

It should also be noted that shooting percentages are pretty decent, the Pels average at 49%, while the Bucks are grinding at 46.1%. It will be interesting to see if either team can maintain this level of play or if things will take a turn for them in their upcoming games.

The New Orleans Pelicans certainly have made their home-court advantage work for them this season, with a very respectable 12-3 record at home. The team has been finding success largely from paint play combined with exceptional ball handling, boasting 56.3 points in the paint, currently third in the NBA, among others thanks to Zion Williamson’s 19.1 average points per game.

Even though they haven’t found similar success on the road as they have in New Orleans, the Milwaukee Bucks have performed decently away from home as well and are 7-5 overall this season. They can also count on their 14 turnovers per game to give them an edge when it counts—they’re 7-2 when winning the turnover battle.